General Questions

I have not received and email after requesting my username/password

Please go back to the initial login page, and begin the process over making sure you enter the correct email address you wish to use in Portaras.

My username and/or password are not recognized

Please check your email junk folder or clutter folder. You are looking for an email from Portaras that will certify your login. If you do not find that email, you will have to begin the initial sign-on process again. Make sure that you enter the email address correctly in order to receive that verification email. Once you verify your login information you will be able to proceed with normal sign in procedures.

What is Portaras?

Portaras is an online Registration, Tuition, Activity, and Database system. Portaras was designed to serve private schools, organizations with memberships, and regional offices of such organizations. Any organization that has members, students, attendees, or customers that the organization wishes to track data and create reports from anywhere in the world, Portaras was designed for you or your organization. Portaras will allow for the registration for events, educational programs and fundraising processes. Through Portaras items such as membership dues, school registration, school tuition, homeowner association dues and fees, any activity that requires a register of those involved in the activity or that fees need to be collected on a one time basis or on a scheduled basis, Portaras was built to serve you.

Can I get support online for Portaras?

Yes, first you may want to look in our support knowledge base or check out our forums for answers. If you do not find your answer there, then please post your question in the forum and we will not only answer you but will provide that answer for other users to view in the future.

How do I login to Portaras

This link will take you to the login screen;

If you forgot your password, there is a link below the login to retrieve it.

If you are new to Portaras, there is a link at the bottom on of the login to begin the registration process.

Remember all information regarding your account will be available to you at Portaras, there will be no need to go to any other provider sites once your account is setup.