Getting Started

We are glad that you are interesting in using Portaras! Please refer to the pricing table to see how much Portaras will cost for your organization. This price includes the full suite of features that Portaras offers, including our registration system, online payment processing, process notification system, and online report center.


Our prices are based upon ‘Annual Registrants’, this is just our fancy way of referring to how many customers, members, families, contracts, etc., register per year. A registrant represents a single main agreement and payer. There can be multiple customers, members, students, etc. registered on an agreement, but we count the entire agreement as one registrant.

  • 1-100 Annual Registrants
    $ 100 / month
  • 101-150 Annual Registrants
    $ 150 / month

200+ Annual Registrants

Contact us today for customized pricing estimate!

  • 151-200 Annual Registrants
    $ 200 / month