What is Portaras?

Secure and Accurate Online Registration Made Easy


From the Portuguese word meaning “to carry”, Portaras is a new and efficient way to register for businesses, schools, and organizations. Portaras is an online registration, enrollment, tuition management, activity, and database system that eliminates the tediousness of registering and processing registrations, for organizations and their members. Portaras allows students, parents, members and/or prospective members to complete their registration forms, attach any required documents, and securely submit it to the school or organization. Applicants can follow the status of their registration by logging into Portaras. At the school or organization, Portaras provides administrators with clear, detailed, and accurate information. School and organization administrators can approve registrations, set tuition or membership rates and fees, and generate rosters, membership lists, or a variety of other reports.

A Detail Oriented Registration Solution for Your Organization

Portaras is not the common and simple event registration portal. Portaras is for  organizations and businesses who demand more than just a simple portal. Built to simplify complex registration processes without losing any important details, Portaras gives you and your organization the power the to process applicant data better, faster, and with greater accuracy. Initially designed to improve the registration process for private schools, the unique Portaras process can be used to the advantage of your detail oriented business or organization. Learn how Portaras can empower your organization today!

Portaras Works For

Private Schools

Portaras provides private schools and colleges with robust and detail-oriented online student registration and management system. Receive complete information with every registration submitted. Allow parents and students to complete waivers, attach required documents, and sign up for extracurricular activities. Apply tuition, fee, and scholarship amounts when approving registrations. Generate class rosters, family directories, and many other custom reports. Manage school registration from anywhere at any time, safely and securely.


Enhance the way your business operates by utilizing the powerful database behind Portaras. From using Portaras to streamline and modernize your applicant and hiring process, to tracking customer information, requests, and projects. Generate, receive, process, and approve rental and lease agreements in an efficient and accessible manner. From service-oriented businesses to legal professionals, and apartment communities to independent contractors, Portaras offers a flexible and customizable solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Professional Organizations, Clubs, & Societies

Portaras provides a unique and efficient way for your professional organization, club, or society to connect with and engage your members. Portaras gives you anytime, anywhere access to membership information and customized reports. Allow prospective and current members to securely register, renew, upload documents, and update their information from anywhere. Distribute information and connect with members, securely and with ease.

Recreational Sports & Special Interest Organizations

Do you manage a youth sports league, a senior recreational club, or a special interest group? Portaras can work for you to quickly, efficiently, and securely register new members and re-register returning or renewing members. Instead of having to organize a registration weekend, where applicants sign up in person, let members register securely online from the comfort of their own home. They will be able to upload any supporting documents that you require. As complete registration packs come in, you will be able to approve, sort, generate reports, and communicate with members.

The Portaras Process

Portaras simplifies the application and registration process into three steps that ensure complete and detailed information the first time. This unique method can be easily adapted and applied to your registration needs!

Step 1: Applicant Completes Registration

The process begins when an applicant uses the secure Portaras Portal to register. During this guided process, the applicant enters all required information to complete their registration. The applicant can save and leave this process at any time, and return to complete it later. Any additional documents required for registration can be uploaded and attached to the registration. The applicant can also sign up for a preferred online tuition payment service at that time, if applicable. Once complete, the applicant submits the registration to the school or organization.

Step 2: Organization Review and Approval

The next step in the Portaras Process occurs when the school or organization receives the completed registration from the applicant. During this stage, administrators can review the information provided, enter any tuition rate or membership fees, and apply scholarships, financial aid, or other discounts. The organization then approves the registration, and it is returned to the applicant for final agreement.

Step 3: Finalization and Completion of Registration

After the school or organization returns the registration to the applicant, the applicant can review the final tuition or membership rate, fees, and discounts applied. The applicant then finalizes the agreement, and the registration packet is completed and sent back to the school or organization.

Easy as 1-2-3!