Online Registration & Enrollment System

Portaras Registration System

The Portaras Registration System is a flexible and comprehensive tool that was designed to allow your customers to register for membership, school, service, or events. Portaras allows businesses and organizations of all sizes and types to create custom registration forms, services agreements, and enrollment contracts.

Online Payment System

Easily collect payments online with Portaras. Customers can easily make single payments or sign up for recurring payments. Portaras allows for recurring payments at a variety of payment frequencies and duration, giving your customers great flexibility in how they can pay you.

Unified Applications

Have additional information or documents, such as waiver’s, disclosures, or releases? Portaras has the capability to add any number of secondary agreements or programs to your enrollment process. Portaras can also add multiple registrants into a single agreement for group and family enrollment.

Portaras Online Reporting Systems

The backbone of Portaras is a comprehensive database, with all of the information entered in Portaras available for custom report generation. With Portaras, that means reports at any time, in any style, and just the way you need them.

Portaras Administration System

Portaras provides our customers with a very extensive and flexible management system that can be customized to meet your needs.

Getting Started With Portaras

If your school or organization and would like to begin using Portaras, click the letter icon and fill out our contact form. Once submitted, one of our friendly representatives will get in contact with you shortly.

Why Portaras?


Portaras was developed with accuracy in mind. Too often with traditional paper registration, applicants are required to complete tedious amounts of paperwork by hand. Sloppy handwriting or overlooking a section could lead to inaccuracies in registration, resulting in more hassle and confusion for the applicants and organization. Portaras eliminates this by ensuring that all required fields are entered before submission. Also as an online system, there is no need to decipher difficult handwriting!


Portaras does more than just simply registering for school, organizations, or activities. Portaras has a robust and customizable database, which administrators can use to generate rosters, emergency contact lists, or any number of custom reports. With student, parent, and/or member information in an easily accessible and searchable form, schools and organizations are empowered to do more.


Portaras is secure system to ensure that all information entered does not fall into the wrong hands. With a robust suite of security features, Portaras ensures that registration information remains secure between the applicant and the organization.


Traditional registration forms often require applicants to enter the same information, in different locations. Portaras eliminates this monotonous task, by automatically populating fields that are needed later. Portaras also allows for applicants to upload and attach any additional required documents to their registration, as well as digitally signing the registration. This spares the applicant from an unnecessary trip or postage.


After the first registration, Portaras remembers applicant information and rolls it over for future registration. Portaras will automatically populate future registrations with prior information, saving time and frustration. If the information is no longer correct, the applicant can update it at that time.

Take charge with Portaras!

Portaras is loaded with simple yet functional options that allow users to quickly and easily manage online registration and membership.

Portaras is flexible and can be simply setup to meet the needs of your organization, school, or any group that has the need for tracking dues, fees, tuition, registration or activities.